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Periodontist Chula Vista

Periodontal affects a sizable portion of patients around the nation and can be a long-term problems. The symptoms of most diseases include bad breath, loose teeth, and bleeding gums. They require extensive treatments and advanced planning. Our dedicated team provides preemptive screenings for periodontal disease and are a recognized provider of periodontal care in the Chula Vista area.

The first process in treating periodontal disease is root scaling and planing. If the disease is severe or advanced, gum surgery may also be necessary.

If periodontal disease do not receive the proper attention, they can result in eventual tooth loss. Further studies also reveal a positive relationship between periodontal disease and general health. This highlights the importance of receiving regular and high quality dental care.

Periodontal disease are caused by the accumulation of calculus or tartar in your mouth. They are a result of leftover foods and wastes remaining in your teeth and have hardened over time. They are easy to remove by regular cleaning and brushing activities, if they are located under the gum line however, they can only be removed by root scaling and planing.

Scaling and root planing is a comprehensive cleaning of your gum line. During this process, the surfaces of your teeth are smoothed. This treatment reduces the occurrence of bacteria, inflammation, and calculus located below your gum line. Additional products that can help reduce bacteria are electric toothbrushes and specialized mouth wash.

Regular visits with your dentist and periodontist are important to ensure your teeth and gums are completely healthy. In-office dental cleanings can restore areas that are not reachable by regular toothbrushes or flosses.

Call us today for a consultation if you believe you have a periodontal infection.